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Enjoying the Amazing Tantric Massage

To fully enjoy the naturist Erotic Massage in London just relax. One of the best reasons to receive an erotic and sensual massage is to practice receiving without having to do anything.

Tantra (tantric massage) is an ancient Eastern way of life and philosophy, which has gained tremendous popularity in the Western world in the past few years. Today, you can find tantric massages offered in almost every large city across Europe. This is an art rather than a religion and even though it has deep philosophical and spiritual aspects, anyone can enjoy the exercises and the massages without having to be a follower. The tremendous benefits of the traditional rubdowns have been proven and are well known, but tantric sessions are quite different. Their main strength lies in the fact that each session is approached with an open mind and there are no “barred” zones. The receiver is encouraged to surrender completely to the sensation, and let his or her sexual energy be guided and channeled by the therapist. Sometimes, the various techniques can be used to address certain health issues too, but the main goal is to awaken the senses, release any built-up tension, and arouse the sexual energy. 

Tantric massage for men often incorporates the famous Lingam massage, where the man’s sexual organ is touched and massaged, the main purpose is not to achieve an orgasm or sexual relief, although if that happens during the session, it is a welcomed and normal response. The purpose is to channel the sexual energy and teach a man how to enjoy being touched and to receive, with every treatment ending with the receiver reaching a state of physical and emotional harmony. The success of each therapy depends on the bond which is established between the receiver and the therapist and this bond is often strengthened with breathing exercises or meditation, which could precede each session. 

The Yoni massage, which is the ultimate erotic and sensual massage for women, is also practised in the tantric massage. Again, the session does not have to follow specific rules or be restricted in any way. The Yoni massage is practised only if the receiver is comfortable with receiving it and there are no expectations of sexual relief or orgasm. Often, the Yoni massage is used to break the full body massage, which brings the receiver to a state of arousal and back to calm numerous times during the therapy. 

According to Tantra followers, the main goal of Tantra is to use numerous techniques such as yoga, massage and meditation in order to achieve complete control over one’s own being and reach absolute spiritual perfection. These techniques can take years to master and often devotees are led by a guru in order to receive guidance.

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What is Tantric Massage?

Tantra is an ancient path of self development that regards sexual energy as the primary manifestation of our life force. This life force is a powerful current of energy that flows through us all. When you are in harmony, this energy is 'woven' with the energy of other people and all the life forms around us. 

The term Tantra implies that we can weave all the different threads of our existence into a more satisfying whole. Tantric massage is easy to grasp once you experience it - simply stop thinking and start feeling. Focus on the present moment, as you'll feel more vital when you wholeheartedly live in the 'now'. Be sensually aware of your body and express your sense of vitality and passion through it. Reconnecting with your body in a positive way via your senses gives you a surge of wellbeing and energy. Sexual energy is a fundamental indicator of your level of vitality, and when your body is vital and eroticized you will feel great!

Tantric Massage London is the best way to relax and forget about everything! 

Tantric Sensual Erotic Massage  London

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 "Riding the Edge" 

Tantric Male Massage (Lingam)

Go where you have never gone before
Take a Tantric journey to electric sexual heights
Hover in your near orgasmic state

“Riding the Edge" is where you float erotically yet free from care for an extended period of time
Thoroughly pampered at the hands of an expert!
Feel that sexual energy tingle and course all through your body
Discover something better then sex! 

What is “Riding the Edge”?

In “Riding the Edge”, you have sexual energy raised as we massage your chest, your stomach, your genital area and your thighs. Our focus is mainly on your genital area, as this is where the full force of your sexual energy exists.

We raise that area to a peak of sexual excitement but before you go over “the edge”, we spread that tingling orgasmic energy up your chest and down your thighs sending incredible pleasure all over.

This calms your core to some extent allowing us to re-stimulate you to a new peak. That sexual energy is re-spread again throughout. This continues for most of your session through close communication.

Coming close to your peak repeatedly, floating in your orgasmic state, is “Riding the Edge”.

What is the goal?

Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage - it is about being in the erotic vibration and staying there!

Your extended pleasure is the goal.

First you need to RELAX and learn to RECEIVE.

Your traditional sexual conditioning has you in a doing and goal-oriented mode or to get it up and off. We allow you to discover your softer, more receptive side and let you experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.

When will it blow your mind?

If you choose to let go and ejaculate, we encourage your deep tantric breathing during your phenomenal orgasm. It will blow your mind, especially if you have come close and held back at least SIX times before ejaculating.

Holding back six times charges up the sexual battery with tremendous energy. It is then your choice as to where you want to send this energy - out with your ejaculate (the prevailing paradigm) or inward for other uses (men who perform “The Big Draw” are able to channel this energy into other areas of their being).

Upon completion of the best massage of your life (one full hour), we gently remove our hands and allow you to lie there quietly and let your mind drift off into a meditative state allowing you to fully float in this extended experience of heightened sexuality.

Fantasy Session with Tantric Massage

Experience the role of fantasy in your life as we offer you a safe place to explore your personal fantasies so as to allow them to be healed and released.  Without such exploration fantasy can lead to addiction, illusion and self shame. 
Fantasy sessions commence with an initial consultation.  This will help us reach the core of your fantasy and unravel what its driving force is.  This might be enough to bring about the desired healing and release of your fantasy. However, if not, we will then move on to an experiential session in which you will be led to physically explore your fantasy in a safe environment.  As mentioned above this is done with a focus on healing the root cause of your fantasy and the need to escape reality. 

Submit yourself to complete relaxation.

You would love our Elite Sensual Tantric massage where all you have to do is surrender to the highest state of relaxation. This massage promotes complete relaxation of  body and mind. Our Tantric massage in London is performed fully nude in order to intensify the tantalizing state of sensual awareness - both the customer and the masseuse are completely naked during this massage session. Although your masseuse is there to please you, she will have expectations. For example, she will expect your complete and total surrender. This means that you must be willing to let go of all of your inhibitions and place your trust in her skills.

We guarantee that you have never experienced anything quite like one of our Elite Sensual  Tantric massage. Your masseuse is capable of blending in just the right amount of tantric elements into the massage so that you will feel sensations like never before. Your body will react from head to toe to the sensual and stimulating sensations of the touch of your masseuse. The goal of the masseuse is to bring you to the ultimate sense of relaxation. Therefore, as she massages you, you will feel your tension build up. This tension prevents you from feeling relaxed. However, your skilled masseuse will release every drop of that tension from you so that you feel completely rested and rejuvenated.

Welcome to elite Tantric Massage at the Sanctuary where you can explore your erotically seductive fantasies. 

The Tantric Massage Sanctuary is based near Victoria station in central London, just 2 minutes from Victoria tube station. 

We take pride in presenting our range of elite massages, such as Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage and Erotic Massage with our beautiful, sensual and qualified massage therapists

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